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Perform better diligence in less time with AI

Keye's purpose-built analysis system empowers deal teams to work faster and smarter with today's most powerful AI tech.

AI-Powered Analysis For Due Diligence

Keye’s proprietary intelligence platform turns your data room and deal folders directly into critical insights, making your due diligence process faster and more effective. Today, Keye AI can:

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A Track Record of Success in Financial Intelligence

Keye’s data & information platform has served 25,000 users at corporations and investment firms for over 3 years. Now, we’re applying our technical expertise in AI and finance to bring a new, cutting-edge service to investors.

Our team previously worked at:

A unique approach tailored to PE

Our purpose-built analysis system uses today's most powerful AI technology to supercharge the private markets diligence process. We employ enterprise-grade security and privacy throughout.

Insights & red flags distilled from large file uploads
Reasoning & attribution provided for each analysis
100% secure data processing with no training or retention

Proprietary embeddings re-structure content to draw new connections between your VDR files.


Deal documents provide foundational training and testing, enabling our AI to dig deep for insights and anomalies in your data.


Years of experience in technology and finance industries among our founding team. We apply decades of learning to improve analysis quality and boost long-term returns for firms.

Ready to Transform?

Take the first step towards accelerating your due diligence with frontier AI. Embrace innovation, efficiency, and accuracy like never before. Let's work together to elevate your deal process to new heights.

Move fast and save time
Handle thousands of files simultaneously
Get instant insights
Built by a passionate and experienced team

What users say

Keye is trusted by thousands of professionals. With our new AI service, the private equity community is more excited than ever to work with us to accelerate due diligence.

Haemi Kim
Keye has some really helpful features, especially being able getting additional financial data when I need it. I can double-check my numbers with services that normally would have been out of reach. Subscribing was a no-brainer.
Hari Sripathi
Investment professional
I am a boutique consultant and use Keye to access a much broader variety of resources than would’ve been affordable on their own. Specifically, I use Keye for opportunity evaluation and market research that wouldn't be possible for me to handle on my own.
Zach Johnson
AI is going to be an essential component of financial workflows. We're excited to be working with Keye and looking forward to growing our partnership.
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